suspended in crystalline waters
on the edge of vast sand dunes
where souls are only lost if they want to be,
on days where dried lake beds, crack and expand for miles past where eyes can journey.

I am inanimate, and drifting, palms unfurled toward sky. the milky expanse of the Galaxy is floating, suspended above me; a mirror image of myself.

faintly aware that the sun is coming to break its yolk across the horizon, to highlight the dips and crowns of majestic mountains surrounding this valley of gravity defying moments.
for now, I will drift until the stars fade and Mars is the only blip in the sky that dares to hold on to the night with me.

floating is the only thing that matters,
because the sun doesn’t rise unless I’m here to see it.
if I close my eyes, it will have been there all along.
but if I keep affixed on the stars,
the night will surely never end and I can be inanimate, suspended, and adrift for as long as the Galaxy will have me.

in hot springs,
I am timeless.

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