A story presented in Haikus,
each their own separate poem:

tied to the train tracks
no one rescues the sad girl
(no one rescues the fat girl)
(no one rescues the good girl)
(no one rescues the kind girl)
be your own hero

wrists bound, rope biting.
tracks rattling, clock ticking;
freight train is coming.

riveted in place
time is wheeling down the rails
(cannot) stop this train

blood curdling scream,
like all the Hollywood girls,
no cowboys for miles

clarity in the
(shackled by her own convictions)
face of the unknown

it took a hammer
to sledge each of these rivets;
I laid all my tracks

set eyes upon it,
steadfast in one direction,
she does not give up.

when faced with fear
she is her own solution
to all the maddness

it only takes one
wriggle, then two, to move just
enough to slip free

looking forward, now
out of all of the options
somehow I chose you

looking backward, now
out of all the forks in road,
somehow we are here

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About Amanda Pizzo

just a bird sharing her creative seeds.