sutures ( w/ video)

if you are loved by me you are unlucky

if you are loved by me you are unlucky because I saw your hidden pain,
coursing deep within your veins.

I knew I had the remedy.
like applying a black sap on open wound.
I’d like to help you heal, but it’ll be painful too.

I needed to lance boils
I saw an opportunity to crack your chest, and toil.

if I found you, and loved you, it’s likely because you had been broken.
it’s just…like… me…to split you open.
I’d like to see the inner workings,
I’d like to be the one to polish the surface.

if you find yourself under the umbrella of my affection,

for all the open heart surgery I have done.

who knows what you will become.

if you don’t want to be mended don’t come by me.
because I can see under the surface
I can see somewhere under all the pockmarks that you are perfect

does that make me an artist or a surgeon?
does it make me neither, I’m not certain
does it make me Mr. Hyde or the Doctor?
am I Frankenstein or the Monster?
will I ever quit being the imposter.

I’m not sure how to love someone without healing them.
ignoring all my own imperfections and feelings, then.

don’t make any sudden movements
I dont know how to do this
won’t know how strong this glue is
please help, my hands are useless!
oh god I think I blew this

oh no I think you knew it
I’d be no good at making excuses

if I love you
if I loved you
I’m sorry for all the sutures.

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About Amanda Pizzo

just a bird sharing her creative seeds.