FOMO (on you)

Fawning flightless freckled Finch, has a fear of free falling. following fragile feelings, fanatically. failing at flapping; flailing, faltering fast. feverishly feening for a finicky freelancer. foolish or felicitous?

Opalescent Oriole, on opposite ocean. ordinary only in ornithology, otherwise, otherworldly. orchestrates overtures of operatic odes. overtly omnibenevolent; offers openly. oft obscuring oneself, opportunistically.

Maybe mastering migratory miracles makes meer mortals of Magpies. a managerie of melodious minstrels, magically and miraculously melding minds.

Overzealous offerings of ornate opining. openly obfuscating an obvious oasis. obstructing order with ordeal. oblivious or obtuse? optimist, obviously. oh Oriole… oblige!






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About Amanda Pizzo

just a bird sharing her creative seeds.