man-made minute (w/ video)

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alarms are an unkind reminder that everything runs on a man-made minute.
social construct invented to keep you in it.

no considerations made for all the body parts;
self regulatory works of art.
circadian rhythms cast aside,
like the god you claim that made you hadn’t gotten that part right.

how terrible would it really be to let the body rise with the din of birds instead of a beep.

fuck this militarized synchronicity. I’m waging war on my clock.
screw that sucker and his tic toc.

wages based on timeliness instead of productivity.
when did we trade in deadlines for kindness?
how did the emphasis become quick and not good?
when did on-time become a scoldable pretense?

at what point do we rally the defense?
I’m falling off the deep end!

this quarter past 6 shit has got to go!
everyone’s morning should start nice and slow.
let the sun rise us from restful sleep.
let the biology of our bodies speak.

let me fall in to a rhythm that makes sense.
I’m tired of keeping track of minutes to make cents!

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