*Warning: Mature Content*

*If you are related to me, you may want to avoid this post.*

*I warned you.*

* …. okay, your fault*
What is contained inside a chocolate kiss?
When the weight of you is pressed against my hips.
Taking gentle sips from your lips, like supple cream, deliciousness.
Writhing, coupled bodies meet,
adding soft pressure to the soles of my feet,
splayed in either direction, as he cleaves his way
between me, toward heaven.
And with each new soaking pass, I tighten, loosen, and gasp.

Shhhh not so loud” he requests but I’m emoting from deep within my chest.
There is no stopping what is about to come.
The walls of this hotel will shake, they’ll run.
Because contained within that chocolate kiss were
all the moments I promised myself I wouldn’t miss.
I’d give in to every notion and inhale deep his brand of potion.

I’d let myself be loved tonight.

Even if it vanished come morning light.
I’d let myself melt and glisten.
I’d make it so his heart would listen.

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