sacred geometry (for my struggling companions)

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there are no lost causes,
only lonely ones.
when encountered with such, there are
no cases of “I wish I’d never begun”.

every person for me, holds their own majesty and mystery. like thousands of puzzle pieces strewn across a table.

let’s throw away the reference.

we can be unsure of the final image, but certain the solution is all there. and with each chip placed, you are closer to completion. to me, you are a puzzle with no missing pieces. there may just be more fractures along your lines than most. more shapes laid to be assembled.

or maybe the full breadth of your image is so unfathomable and breath-taking that it is impossible for a mere mortal to visualize the final form.

just know that you are allowed to keep constructing, reforming, shuffling and aligning all the bits until your edges are as smooth as seaglass.

until then, you are a brilliant array of fractals. sacred in your geometry. majesty and mystery. not a lost cause. just take pause and appreciate.

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