I want to dance.

I want to love and be loved in a warm milkbath of moonlight.

Open desert, sand betwixt toes. Beams of tender light graze flesh like soft petals falling from a trellis of stars. Floating lazily to earth, kissing cheeks that are cupped in palms, caught between fingers, curled in hair.

It took thousands of years for starlight to traverse the heavens; to reach us in this finite moment. Let’s dance in celebration of their grace upon what would have otherwise been our shadows.

Let’s dance in gratitude for all of the happenings that lead us to this one. Every winding of road in life and love that brought us here.
Let us dance so close and so hot that we writhe languidly in remembrance, beneath stars in other moments, on other nights, in farther deserts.

Drenched in sweat from moonlight so warm our skin pinks at the thought. Heavenlight so silken, we fall asleep in heaps of it.

I want to dance in the desert with you.

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