Sheer disappointment I feel for the man whom got the short end of the deal.
Did I say man, I’m pretty sure I meant boy.
I wrote this didactic convolution of thought in an attempt to organize just how utterly distraught…

I am.

How unbelievably ashamed we,
should be.

If not for you, and me, there would be no cases of “I wish you were heres”.
“Hey, lets all swig a few more beers”

It might be too soon for a few of you, but if I were to let this hallmark pass,
I feel as though being called your friend
would be crass.

How, I ask.
How I wonder, in fact, do friends let other friends drink until their brain
stops triggering their lungs to function.

Why? Is the more pressing question.
Is there nothing better to do on a school night, than drink until your heart stops in conjunction with dwindling body function?

Inhale now for me,

Please see,
That my throat is able to pass,
This oxygen from my head to my feet.
Notice for me, open your eyes wider and look attentively.

I’m not speaking of matters which have occurred across the face of the earth.
You have relevance in this issue. Do not desensitize yourself to this.
All we’ve ever wanted is good ol’ kick, I guess.
I watch almost every day, as you walk past me,
young freshman whose just flown the coop.
I notice that there’s often a swagger in your step,
But feel that poison deeply seeding itself,
shooting through your veins, its grabbing hold of you.

Know that your actions here effect everyone everywhere.
Because today I open the news paper and found the face of hall mate,
I had no idea was dead.

His bright smile had disappeared from the stairwell,
and it seemed to me a piece of myself had fled.
It wouldn’t and couldn’t happen to me, I’ve heard it said.

Well someone’s journey has ended,
and maybe this time we won’t pretend that
We are invincible.

Wash the tally marks off your arms,
Stop counting how many shots you are closer to hospitalization.
And how far you’ve let yourself slip in to inebriation.

Yes, there is a correlation, but if you choose to ignore it, I won’t.
I’ll be there to hold your hand and tell you don’t.
If you let me. If you need me to.

We are all capable of conscious decision,
so consciously decide that your life is worthwhile, and fight.

You will be missed.

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